Adwords Integration with Google Web Site Optimizer

Published: 31st July 2009
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We, as search marketers, should spend most of the time creating, measuring and adapting the best performing keywords and ads, for our customers. In fact, one of the most time consuming activities in a PPC management company is the daunting task of ad testing. Nowadays, bid management can be automated, keywords research is not as hard as it used to be and reports customization it's a trend.

However until now, no "big" players on PPC management software came on the market with an ad testing management tool.

We invest and spend lots of time in testing ads, simply because it's a major part of our PPC optimization process. And testing ads takes time; create, test, analyze and again.

Of course, if you manage a small account (5-10 ad groups, with 10-20 ads) managing the tests won't be a problem for you (choosing the winner, it will be an issue, if you have more than one ad in your ad adgroups).

What if you have hundreds or thousands of highly targeted ads, split across various ad groups? How do you manage the test? Normally, you would create at least two ads per adgroup, and after one/two/three/whatever weeks you look at the performance and, "hmm, this ad has a conversion rate of 5% compared to the other one which has a 10% CR. We'll keep the 10% ad running and create a follow up test". Usually, this is how it goes.

But, did your decision considered the percentage of ad serve, the number of clicks and conversions, all from a statistical point of view? Most of us don't look at the whole, because that information is not there. You'll have to use Excel to analyze ads' performance further. And we humans, are lazy by nature. If it's not in the front of us, we probably won't bother doing some additional spreadsheet work.

And here it is where Google Website Optimizer can help.Wouldn't be wonderful if Adwords will have a similar interface.Unfortunately, that's just me innovating and creating imaginary screenshots. The above is not an actual screenshot from the Adwords interface. But imagine if you could create the ads and Google (as it does with Google Website Optimizer) will tell you which ads are going to perform better (from a statistical point of view) either for ROI or CR or whatever metric you chose. Further, imagine you don't need to browse the slow interface or download reports to know when a test reached its end; you will receive an email from them. And then, with a click you can create a follow up test and test again.

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